KOMMA (Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association)




Beyond Machine Tools, Heart of New Industry Evolution

First of all, on behalf of all the member companies and staff of Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (KOMMA), I am pleased to welcome you to KOMMA's homepage.

The Korean machine tool industry has made remarkable progress over the past five decades since starting out with the hand-made production of lathes, milling machine, etc. in the 1970s. Now, our manufacturers have reached the level of producing world-class intelligent machine tools, contributing to the productivity enhancement of manufacturing industries at home and abroad.

KOMMA has been at the heart of Korea's machine tool industry development, promoting consistent cooperation and collaboration among related stakeholders encompassing the government, research institutes, private sector, etc.
Looking at the turbulent changes in the global economy with the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution, KOMMA's role and responsibilities have become deeper, wider & higher.

KOMMA, along with its member companies, is in full gear to expand convergence & alliance, emphasizing the value of the new industrial revolution characterized by hyper-connectivity and super-intelligence.
Furthermore, KOMMA, organizer of SIMTOS, which has grown into a global market platform, intends to transform the biannual exhibition into an avenue of global cooperation, proactively responding to the new global industrial frame.

Lastly, bidding machine tool-engaged people around the world good health and business success, I solicit your better understanding of KOMMA's mission and endeavors leading to a better world."

Yours Faithfully